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Proximity Switches from elobau

Proximity Switches
Proximity Switches

Proximity Switches

All switches shown on the left contain reed switch contacts and must be actuated by means of a magnet.

Exceptions are the Vane-Switches, which are actuated by means of a ferrous vane, and the steel sensing Proximity Switches which operate in the presence of ferrous material.

In both cases the switching medium is again a reed contact. All reed switches that are suitable for 240 volts operation meet the requirements of the EMC directives.

Depending upon the type, reed contacts can have an operating life of many billions when used within their specified parameters. Maximum switching power can be up to 230V/3A/100W/VA depending upon type, and Proximity Switches fitted with output cable meet protection class IP67 or IP 68. There are a great variety of standard housings available, but custom housings can also be specified.

Also as standard, there are a number of versions that carry PTB (Ex) approval and which are suitable for all hazardous areas except mines.

Alex Types
Steel Proximity Switches
Vane Switches


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