Programmer,Step Controller,Pixsys Electronics,ATR620Programmer,Step Controller,Pixsys Electronics,ATR620Programmer,Step Controller,Pixsys Electronics,ATR620Programmer,Step Controller,Pixsys Electronics,ATR620Programmer,Step Controller,Pixsys Electronics,ATR620

Programmer/Step Controller Pixsys Electronics ATR620


Multifunction programmer/step controller size 72x72mm. ATR620 has been specifically developped as control system for glass, ceramics and heat treatments kilns and furnaces.

Double display enables visualization of setpoint and process value, selected cycle, temperature at step end, output percentage, time elapsed from start, step in progress, power consumption/KWh. Fast advancement on cycle and manual control of output percentage to assure precise monitoring of the plant.

If it is necessary to monitor two zones (example: kilns with extended chamber), the “double loop” function is very useful to compare the reading of two sensors and keep uniform temperature inside the chamber.

For each of the 15 programmable cycles, it is possible to program 20 steps/segments.

Special software functions provide high accuracy of firing profile for sensitive materials:
-Waiting function (useful when the plan cannot reach setpoint within the programmed time)
-Recovery function (with automatic or selectable gradient) in case of power failure.

Additional features include: 2 programmable digital inputs for Start/Stop/Alarm; operating as simple controller with programmable setpoint; starting setpoint; relay/SSR outputs for the management of heating groups, burners or auxiliary alarms; delaied start; Master/Slave mode for serial line (RS485+MODBUS-RTU protocol, up to 32 control loops).

Programmer/Step Controller

Ideal Application

Ceramic kilns
Glass kilns
Heat treatment plants
Industrial dryers

Technical data

SIZE: 72x72(frontal)x105mm
POWER SUPPLY: 24/115/230Vac ±10%, 50/60Hz selectable by internal dip-switch
DISPLAY: 4 green digits (main), 4 red digits (second display), 4 red LEDs
2 inputs selectable for TC J, K, S, R, PT100, NI100, 0..1V, 0..10V, 0..20mA, 4..20mA
2 programmable digital inputs (if serial communication is not used)
2 relays 8A resistive + 1 SSR 12V-30mA (version ATR620-21ABC)
3 relays 8A resistive (version ATR620-22ABC)
CONTROL MODE: ON/OFF, PID- Autotuning, Double loop
ACCURACY: : 0.5%±1digit for TC/RTD, 0.2%±1digit for V/mA
SEALING: IP54 Frontal, IP30 Box, IP20 Terminal blocks
CONFIGURATION: parameters protected by password
Memory card for quick configuration or software upgrade
15 programmable cycles – 20 steps each
Waiting function
Recovery of interrupted cycle
Serial communication RS485 / Modbus-RTU

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