Supervisory Datalogger Software Pixsys Electronics


Supervisory software "DataLogger ATR313" combines the functions of Terminals ATR313 and makes them easy to control. Via serial communication the operator is able to visualize on his PC up to 4 couples of values process-setpoint corresponding to the 4 analog inputs of data acquisition module PL300.

The operator may also load (or make) on Terminal ATR313 a backup copy of parameters, cycles and firmware versions. Other available options include remote Start/Stop of cycles; recording of process values on files; creation of files by downloading cycle data stored on ATR313; visualization on diagram of process values on-line or referring to recorded data.

Supervisory Datalogger Software

Ideal Application

Supervisory functions and graphic visualization/storage of cycles on ATR313. Backup of parameters/cycles/firmware.

Technical data

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