SSR (Solid State Relays) Pixsys Electronics


"Zero crossing" technology: power switch is on/off when current crosses zero point. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications whenever reliable and accurate power switch is required. Heatsinks, thermostats and fans are available. LED visualization is a standard feature, as well short-circuit protection fuse. Protection flaps to assure IP20 sealing.

SSR,Solid State Relays

Ideal Application

Control panels
Electrical kilns
Plastics machinery
Heating elements control
Control of infrared lamps

Technical data

Dimensions(mm): 44,5x58,2x27
Switching current 12 to 125A
Switching voltage 12...280Vac to 24....600Vac
Control voltage 3...30Vdc to 8...32Vdc
Short circuit protection
Green LED visualization
Zero Crossing (optimized for resistive loads)
IP20 with protection flaps

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