Machine Safety Switches/Relays from Zander

Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,ZanderZANDER offers a safety technology according to the newest international standards. We deliver a complete range of safety products from safety emergency stop relays, safety two hand control units up to safety switches. Cost optimized for your applications.

Most of our products are proved and certified by independent instituts - proved safety for our customers. In case of any safety-technology-question - we will help you. Our experience is your advantage.

Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,ZanderZANDER supplies a lot of standard products, but also customized variants and special solutions - just ask us!

Safety Switches for all applications:

  • hinge operated safety switches

  • tongue operated safety interlock switches

  • rope actuated emergency stop switches

  • magnetically coded interlock switches

  • tongue operated safety switches with guard locking...most of them with international approvals.

Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,Zander Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,Zander Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,Zander

Monitoring Safety Relays and Control Units

Safety-emergency-stop-relays and two hand control units.... up to the highest safety category, proved, certified, super compact housing and modulary extendable. -

In combination with our safety switches the most safe and cost optimized solution for your machine.

Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,Zander Machine,Safety,Switches,Relays,Zander

Innovation: TALOS, the new Plug & Play Safety-System:

Self-configuration, no programming necessary, no DIP-switches
Inputs/outputs can be extended as desired by vertical Plug & Play
Safety category 4
Combination/ grouping without programming
Perfect diagnostics by integrated serial interface
From the basic module up to the complete safety control unit.

Each module is pluggable vertically and insertabel without removing its neighbour modules.

More about TALOS (5MB)

... Any Questions ??

Standards, safety category, risk assessment, redundancy, cross-short circuit monitoring, shorting to ground monitoring, safety standards, applications - concisely being answered in our brief guide to safety.


Download here the new ZANDER Machinery Safety catalogue with all information and application references

Machinery Safety


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