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Mini Data Logger from Delta Ohm

Mini Data Loggers

HD206…/HD226… and HD207…/HD227… series mini data loggers are low-cost, rugged instruments, for a long-term reliable monitoring of temperature and temperature/relative humidity measurements.

Mini data loggers are available in different versions: with or without LCD display, with temperature sensor either inside or outside the instrument housing, or with cable connection. The analysis of acquired data is made using Delta Log2 software for Windows.

The mini data logger functions of Start, Stop, Configuration, Data Download and Setting of storage interval are selectable either from keyboard or from a computer. Through a computer, you can define a password to enable the access to configuration data.

Typical applications of the mini data loggers are: monitoring of temperature/humidity during transportation, storage of fresh or frozen foods, fruit, vegetable products and flowers, pharmaceuticals, sensitive and photographic products, paper, explosives, as well as laboratory activities in general.

Configuration and data download to a PC are very easy: DeltaLog2 dedicated software guides the operator step by step. SIT calibration certificates for on all versions can be issued.

HD 207... - HD 227... HD 206 - HD 226...

Mini,Data,Loggers,Delta Ohm


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