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Safety switch and trapped key interlock system from DOLD

The modular safety switch and trapped key interlock system SAFEMASTER STS combines advantages of safety switch, solenoid guard lock, trapped key interlock and command function in only one system - SAFEMASTER STS is designed for the highest demands!

Safety with System. The special thing about SAFEMASTER STS is the system concept and the simple design which allows any conceivable variant, from the smallest standard solution to a complex safety system. Any solution remains flexible, unique and economical thanks to the modular design principle.

Whether it is a standalone or complex system solution, be it electric, mechanical or a hybrid system – SAFEMASTER STS not only secures your facility from unauthorized entry. Its modular design and fully-developed technology allow for numerous variants – thereby enabling all users to find their individual safety concept, ideally tailored to their specific needs.


This system was developed for the highest safety standards and complies with all applicable standards. It offers safe and reliable protection to both the employees, machines and production facilities.

Your advantages

  • Increased availability by means of wireless guard monitoring
  • Safety switch, solenoid guard locking and trapped key and command function in only one system
  • For use in extreme ambient temperatures and rugged conditions
  • Modular expandable system
  • Up to category 4 / PL e / SIL 3 as single system
  • EC type certified
  • Protection against manipulation / Authorization of persons (high coding level according to ISO 14119)
  • Holding force of at least 1.000 N
  • Robust stainless steel


  • Safeguarding of extensive machines and systems
  • Safeguarding of maintenance doors, main entry and ATEX-areas
  • ... and for all applications where dangerous areas must be secured simply and efficiently

Where other systems gave up long ago or where one-hundred-percent safety isn’t guaranteed SAFEMASTER STS is still absolutely reliable. Thanks to an easy operation, solid construction and use of durable materials it also reliably fulfills its function in difficult surroundings as well as under extreme temperatures.



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