Indicative Label Writing System

Indicative Label Writing SystemThis innovative printing system enables efficient and completely independent management of all problems related to the creation of special indicative labels for electrical equipment.

It offers an alternative to costly and inflexible mechanical engraving systems and inadequate plotter systems, which are affected by problems involving the drying up of pen tips and the evaporation of ink on supports exposed to light. The system is made up of a sturdy, economic heat transfer printer which, despite its small size, has a high performance printing head and a transfer speed of up to 10 cm a second.

The particular design makes use of the equipment extremely easy; all the operations required for the insertion of the transfer tape and the label support are very simple.

The system uses special rolls of labels made from a special aluminium material with high-performance adhesive. The heat transfer technique is used universally for all marking requirements where the importance of the indication and the permanence of the message must be guaranteed (product labels for computers, mobile phones, telephone equipment, electrical instruments, etc.).

This printing system uses heat-controlled needles which “melt” the transfer pigment onto the support, enabling immediate use and guaranteeing its duration. It is also possible to provide extra protection by using adhesive photographic film, creating a sandwich effect. At this point the label can be subject to any kind of stress, be it mechanical, chemical or atmospheric.

The printer has a serial port, a parallel port and a USB to satisfy every installation need.

Indicative Label Writing System

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