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Automation Components

Automation ComponentsZANDER automation components can be found for example in machine-, machine tool-, packing machine-industry and plant construction, the car industry, the food industry, conveyor engineering, medical technology etc.

Our fault indicator components and text displays have been in use for many years in the operation and supervision of machines and plants, for example in conveyor engineering on packing machines or compressors...

Timer and control relays, compact power supply units and interface modules have been in use in all common applications for over 30 years. With our wide range of function and housing variations in the form of a modular system, we are able to offer you the best solution in technology and price.

Fault Indicator Components | Timer | Control Relays | Power Supply | Interface Modules

Automation Components Catalogue-Download

Download here the new ZANDER Automation Components catalogue with all information and application references.

Automation Components


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