Environmetal Analysis,Delta OhmEnvironmetal Analysis,Delta OhmEnvironmetal Analysis,Delta OhmEnvironmetal Analysis,Delta OhmEnvironmetal Analysis,Delta Ohm

Environmetal Analysis from Delta Ohm

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

The HD9008TR and HD9009TR are single block RH and temperature microprocessor transmitters, temperature configurable. The HD9008TR is a passive transmitter with a 4…20mA output and 7…30Vdc power supply; the HD9009TR is a transmitter with a 0…1V standard voltage output (other outputs available on demand) and 7…30Vdc power supply. Sensors are mounted at the end of a plastic tube: a capacitive humidity sensor and a Platinum temperature sensor (100 Ohm @0°C).

Barometer Transmitters

HD 9408T BARO, HD 9408TR BARO and HD 9908T BARO are analog output electronic barometers. They use a piezoresistive sensor element which gives extremely accurate and stable measurement of the atmospheric pressure and assures excellent repeatability, low hysteresis and very good temperature stability.

Pyranometers,Delta Ohm


Delta Ohm manufactures First Class LP PYRA 02 and LP PYRA 12 and Second Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards, and meet the requirements defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These are strong and reliable ground-based instruments, especially designed to be used under all weather conditions. They are suitable for installation on the field.

Albedometers,Delta Ohm


Delta Ohm manufactures two different models of albedometers:
LP PYRA 05 is constructed starting from two 1st class* pyranometers and the LP PYRA 06 starting from two 2nd class* pyranometers (* according to ISO 9060 standards and to specifi cations published by the World Meteorological Organization).

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Net Irradiance Meter

LP NET 07 net radiometer is designed to measure the Net radiation passing through a surface, across the spectral range between the near ultraviolet and the far infrared. The Net radiation is defined as the difference between the radiation that strikes the top surface, and the radiation that strikes the bottom surface of the net radiometer.

Pyrgeometer - pdf download

The pyrgeometer LP PIRG 01 is used to measure the far infrared radiation (FIR).
Its use is mainly in the meteorological field.

Pyrheliometer - pdf download

The pyrheliometer LP PYRHE 16 (First Class Pyrheliometer according to ISO 9060 classification) is an instrument for direct measurement of solar irradiance (Watt/m2).
The receiving surface must be positioned (via a solar tracker or else) perpendicularly to sun’s rays. By using suitable diaphragms only the direct light reaches the surface of the sensor.

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Photometer Probes - pdf download

The LP PHOT 02, LP PHOT 02AC, and LP PHOT 03AV probes measure illuminance (lux), defined as the ratio between the luminous flux (lumen) through a surface and the surface area (m2). The spectral response curve of a photometric probe is equal to the human eye, known as standard photopic curve V(ë). The difference in spectral response between LP PHOT 02 and the standard photopic curve V(ë) is calculated by means of the error f1.

UVA,UVB,Radiometer,Irradiance,Meter,Delta Ohm

Radiometer Probes - pdf download

The radiometric LP UVA 02, LP UVA 02AC, and LP UVB02AV probes measure the global irradiance in the UVA on a flat surface (Watt/ m2). The irradiance is the sum of direct solar irradiance and of diffuse irradiance from the sky. The radiometer can also be used for monitoring UVA irradiance indoor.

UVA,UVB,Radiometer,Irradiance,Meter,Delta Ohm

UVA - UVB Irradiance Meter

The LP UVB 02 radiometer measures the global irradiance in the UVB spectral region on a plane surface (Watt/m2). In particular, the instrument’s spectral sensitivity is centered at 305nm with a 5nm band width (FWHM). The global irradiance is the sum of the direct solar irradiance and the sky diffuse irradiance on a surface parallel to the ground.

Luxmeter,Delta Ohm


Luxmeter LP PHOT 02 probe measures illuminance (lux), defined as the ratio between the luminous flux (lumen) passing through a surface and the surface area (m2).

Environmetal Analysis,Delta Ohm


HD2003 and HD2003.1 are three axis ultrasonic anemometers, they measure the speed and direction of wind, the U-V-W Cartesian components of speed, sound speed and sonic temperature. The HD2003 allows also to detect temperature and relative humidity of the air and barometric pressure.

Rain Gauge,Delta Ohm

Rain Gauges

The HD2013 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, built entirely from corrosion resistant materials in order to guarantee its durability. So as to ensure accurate measurement even with low temperature climatic conditions or during and after precipitations of snow, a version with a heater which is automatically activated around +4°C has been developed so that snow deposits and ice formations are prevented.

Rain,Detector,Delta Ohm

Rain Detectors

The HD2013.2 is a rain detector based on the capacity principle. The capacity value of the sensitive element, on an alumina rest, changes according to the surface dampened by raindrops. An integrated heater keeps it dry, evaporates water and prevents false signals caused by fog or dew.

Rain,Detector,Delta Ohm

Rain Gauge Datalogger - pdf download

HD2013-D is a datalogger that has been specifically developed to capture and memorize weather and atmospheric precipitation trends. Together with the capacious memory, its long life Lithium battery guarantees remarkable recording capacity without it being necessary for the user to intervene. The large display not only provides the total and partial precipitations in real time, in both millimetres and inches, but also the environment temperature.


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