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Ultrasonic,Sensors,PulsotronicUltrasonic sensors detect solid or fluid targets on great distance - without any dependency on the characteristics of the surface. The sensors are equipped with teach-in functions and different interfaces. Pulsotronic ultrasonic sensors stand out for their high resolution of max. 0,2mm, optimum precision and large sensing ranges. We provide digital as well as analog outputs.


  • independent surface, able for transparent objects
  • contactless
  • high working intervals

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic,Sensors,PulsotronicUltrasonic sensors serve for the automatic detection of positions and distances of objects. The great advantage of ultrasonic sensors is their independency of the surfaces' characteristics. Ultrasonic sensors from Pulsotronic work with an ultrasonic transducer for sending and receiving sound waves. Specially coded ultrasonic signals are transmitted in a set clock. After reflexion by the target the signals reach the sensor and are decoded.

The recorded transit time is converted into distance information data. Due to high carrier frequencies and the latest signal processing technology our sensors guarantee failure-free and precise operation. Analog, digital or switching outputs as well as RS232 and RS485 interfaces serve for circulating data to a pc. Several sensors can be used at the same time via syncronising devices which make it possible to scan structures with sensor arrays.

We provide a broad range of ultrasonic sensors, appropriate for applications in various fields. One- and two-piece, analog and programmable proximity sensors as well as ultrasonic barriers. Our sensors ensure high resolution, optimum precision, little minimum distances and long range. They are conform to IP67.

Ultrasonic sensors from Pulsotronic are appropriate for a wide range of different applications. The following list describes some examples.

  • Distance measurement of machinery parts and other products in motion
  • Detection of moving objects made of all kind of material, including glass
  • Presence detection of objects
  • Object counting
  • Completeness check in containers (bottles in cartons)
  • Fill level measurement of bulk storage and liquids in silos and tanks
  • Winding and unwinding control of coils in the paper, the foil and the textile industry
  • Web tension or loop control in multi-stage operating processes
  • Sorting control by measuring the height profile of packing items
  • Position control by measuring the stacking height and projections on loading machines
  • Collision avoidance in the case on self-controlled transport vehicles

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