Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHAccident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHAccident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHAccident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHAccident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

Accident Prevention Sensors

Accident and protection light barriers.

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

GX-M - Multi-channel accident prevention systems and safety light barrier systems including muting

GX-C - Multi-channel accident prevention and safety light barrier systems

GX-E/IGD - Single-channel accident prevention light barrier

GX-IS - Safety inductive sensors for accident and ex-protection

USL - Nonreturnable accident prevention light barrier

Accident Prevention Sensors Brochure


Multi-channel accident prevention systems and safety light barrier systems including muting.

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHMuting:

  • The system admits inductive sensors or light barriers.
  • Safety category 4
  • For Ex and standard range
  • Extensive safety system
  • Operating instructions GX-M

The system for design of spacious access-monitoring with people / machine detection (muting).

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

Further advantages:

  • Central supervising
  • Permanent self-monitoring
  • Intagrated optical adjustment assistance
  • Pollution indication
  • Range up to 30 m
  • Cable length up to 100 m


Multi-channel accident prevention and safety light barrier systems.

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

  • Safety category 4
  • For Ex- and standard ranges
  • Central monitoring
  • Permanent self-monitoring
  • Pollution indicator
  • Operating Instructions GX-C

The multi-channel accident prevention system GX-C is used for operator protection in dangerous areas and has been approved according to safety category 4.

A system consists of 1 controller and, depending on the stage of expansion, of 2 to 6 transmitters / receiver light barriers.




 Number of light barriers

  max. 6 Light barriers


 0,1 - 10m bzw. 0,1 - 20m

 Supply voltage

 Controller 24V DC
Light barriers 12V DC from controller

 Current consumption

 470 mA (incl. 6 light barriers)

 Reaction time

 30 ms

 >adm. ambient temperature


 Enclosure rating / light barrier

Controller IP 20
Light barrier IP 65 to DIN 40050

 Safety output

connected to safety system

 2xNO / 2xNC

 2xNO / 2xNC

 1xNPN (open collector)


 2 Nuts or 2 clamps M30

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH


Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHAccident protection light barrier, Type series GX-E/IGN/IGD-30-SE.

  • for use as accident protection, safety category 4
  • also suited for use in Ex zones 1 to 22
  • Ex-protection EEx d IIC T6 and EEx nA IIC T6
  • optimal alignment aid by LED display in receiver optic
  • with optional pollution output (Types: ...-30-SE-VA)
  • electronical outputs
  • Data Sheet (GX-E / IGN / IGD-30)
  • Operating Instructions GX-E, IGS, IGN, IGD


Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHSafety inductive sensors for accident and ex-protection.

3-wire technology:

  • Extremely high protection against electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • PNP output (antivalent output on accident protection and muting systems)
  • Light metal housing for enhanced protection against mechanical damage
  • 2-Colour LED for improved visualization
  • Range: 40mm
  • Suited for accident protection category 4
  • ECcertificate of conformity
  • BG-Prüfzert
  • EC certificate of conformity TÜV 97 ATEX
  • Intrinsically safe EEx ia IICT6, EEx ib IICT6
  • Suited for use in Ex zones 0, 1 ,2

All products are also available as "Non-EX" options. See Safety Inductive Sensors

Data Sheet


Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbHNonreturnable accident prevention light barrier.

The USL accident protection light barrier approved by the Technical Committee "Eisen und Metall" of the German Berufsgenossenschaft (social insurance against occupational accidents) is intended for operator health and safety at stamping machines etc. Any failure or interference will always cause the outlets to shut down. The functional USL unit comprises the following three components: controller, emitter and receiver. The operational status is indicated by LEDs. The sensors are provided with LEDs that can be seen through the optic from the front and from behind. The operational status is indicated via two LEDs on the controller.

  • Optionally available in "explosion-proof enclosure" EEx d II C T6 or "non-Ex".
  • As a visual control, the receiver lens lights up in red-yellow-green to indicate if
  • - the light beam is interrupted (red)
    - the light barrier is affected by misalignment or pollution(yellow)
    - the optical connection is optimal (green)
  • Three-colour LED at the rear side of the receiver (display parallel to optic)
  • Standby display (green) in emitter optic
  • Operating Instructions USL

Using several light barriers:

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

Deflection by mirrors:

Accident Prevention,Sensors,Tippkemper,Matrix,GmbH

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