Capacitance Level Sensors For Hotmelt

Capacitance level sensors for the level regulation up to 250C hot materials, e.g.: 
  • hot-melt - adhesives  
  • waxes  
  • glues  
  • oil  
  • chemicals
    Capacitance,Level,Sensors,Hotmelt   CNS-506 Capacitance Level Sensor  
      large assortment of individual probes  
      high EMC-safety  
      small housing dimensions
    Capacitance,Level,Sensors,Hotmelt   V25-80/120 Capacitance Level Sensor  
      suitable for controlling 2 levels
    Capacitance,Level,Sensors,Hotmelt   CNS-SV 25T Capacitance Level Sensors  
    Capacitance,Level,Sensors,Hotmelt   V20-P Capacitance Level Sensors  
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