Position Indicators from Elgo Electric

NEW! AZ16 series:    

Battery Operated Absolute Measuring Unit
AZ16E - External magnetic sensor

Z 10 series:    

Z 10 (single axis)
Battery powered miniature Linear encoder and indicator

Z 15 series:   

Z 15 (single axis)
Battery powered "stand alone" unit, without any wiring

Z 16 / Z 17 series:    

Z 16 / Z 17 (single axis)
Battery powered "stand alone" measuring unit

HWD 15 series:    

HWD 15 (single axis)
Battery powered indicator with integrated measuring
system for rotative movements

Z 20 series:    

Z 20 (single axis)
Programmable Mini-Position-Indicator for incremental signals

Z 57 series:    

Z 57 (single axis)
Single axis indicator with programmable relay-outputs

Z58 series:    

Z 58 (single axis)
Single axis indicator with optional Absolute-Interface

Z 59 series:    

Z 59 (2 or 3 axis)
Extensive programmable multi axis Indicator

Z 89 series:    

Z 89 (1, 2 or 3 axis)
Extensive programmable multi axis Indicator

SYSCOSO 1:    

Performance Tester
For speed and overrun


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